Is the G50 really the Holy Grail?

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for a 3.2 Carrera Sport, you’ve no doubt done your research. Read almost any article or review, and you’ll quickly learn that a later car with the all-important G50 gearbox is the one to have. Post 87’ cars are commanding a higher premium in the classic car market, and have done for some time, with the added £5-10k being attributed to the fact that they are equipped with the improved transmission.



“Are the 915 gearboxes truly a misunderstood gem, or a belligerent mechanical demon?”


Are the 915 gearboxes truly a misunderstood gem, or a belligerent mechanical demon? I think the truth lies somewhere in-between, however for many enthusiasts the earlier cars convey a classic 911 “feel” which some may argue became muted with the introduction of the more conventional G50 transmission.


The 915 box does have a different action to other gear changes, but is different always a bad thing? For me, it offers a certain character and charm. Sure, the G50 was a necessary improvement to cope with the 911’s ever increasing power and torque output, but the 915 is a joy to use when you get it right.


When cold it doesn’t like to be rushed, it favours delicacy and precision. It requires a deft touch and a sympathetic driver, but this only adds to the analogue experience. Once mastered (and up to temperature!), each gear change gives you a positive experience, becoming a mini occasion in its own right.


Should you overlook a good early car? Absolutely not. Unless you have a strong desire for one or the other, when conducting your search, my recommendation would be to buy the best 3.2 Carrera you can find irrespective of what gearbox it has.

Both cars pictured in this article are available for sale. The Targa being equipped with the G50 box, and the Coupe has the earlier 915. If you’d like any further information, please do contact us. We’d be delighted to assist.