Rear seat belts, factory fitted, Blaupunkt Toronto FM radio / cassette, eight speaker stereo package, tilt and slide electric sunroof, air conditioning, electric door mirrors, 5 speed Getrag G50 manual transmission, factory Sports Equipment pack, up-graded Bilstein sports shock absorbers, original lightweight forged 16”inch Fuchs alloys, front black lip spoiler and rear “Whale-tail” spoiler at the rear, LSD limited slip differential, rear wiper, top-tint front windscreen, front and rear fog lights, electrically adjustable front seats, leather and two tone leatherette interior, high back leather sports seats with extended side bolsters, leather steering wheel and gear selector cover, cigarette lighter, vanity mirrors in sun-visors, tool roll, air compressor, space-saver wheel with correct Vredestein tyre, bag with original hazard kit. 




Glowing in its very rare, original factory paint colour of Linen Grey, code L550, the presentation of this glorious 3.2 Carrera, can only be described as superb.

There are only a few, extremely minor, stone chips that can be found under close scrutiny, however, totally in keeping with the age/mileage and originality of such a wonderful example, far above the standard of the majority of similar age 911’s we have seen over the years. All shut lines and panel gaps, are again, as you would expected, having even and regular tolerances.

All lenses and glass are free from and crazing, scratches, cracks or discolouration.

During a recent service visit to highly regarded Porsche Specialists Autofarm, it was stated by their team that this 3.2 Carrera was, “A very good example, retaining its original character and specification. To be given serious consideration as a basis for a Concours contender”. Extremely high praise indeed!



A specific highlight of this particular example.

The high back sports seats are in a complementary shade of Linen leather, with Marine Blue piping. Marine Blue leatherette covers door cards, while the steering wheel and gear selector are finished in leather. Interior carpets and headlining are un-marked.

All dials and electrical switches operate without fault.

Under the front bonnet, the stowage area is clean, dry and fully carpeted, all ancillary items are present including the hazard kit.




Wheels are all original lightweight 16”inch Fuchs alloys, with Continental Sport Contact tyres, and virtually un-marked. The body coloured centres are believed to also be an original feature of this example.

205/55 ZR16 at the front, with 225/50 ZR16 at the rear. The front tyres remain in a good condition having been replaced at 78,120 miles, however we would recommend replacing the rear tyres, as a pair, within the next 5k miles. Original Aluminium billet centre caps with Porsche crest are all present and in fine order, also body coloured.





Obviously a U.K. C16 vehicle, supplied new by A.F.N. Porsche (London) Ltd, on 01/01/1989 to a director of the company Carrera Associates Ltd, London.

Having very few, long-term private owners, this Carrera Sport spent much of its time in the South-East of England, changing hands, on one occasion, from husband to wife due to bereavement.

The service records are as comprehensive as you would ever wish to find, endorsing the self-evident levels of care and attention, lavished on this very fortunate 911.  Gloriously bound in a very high-quality leather folder, with security clasp and metal identify plaque, engraved with the Porsche logo, model and Vin number. Diligently sorted and filed into relevant sections, containing ownership details, service record invoices, MOT Certificates and tax disc etc.

Original owners wallet containing all handbooks and literature is present, together with two service maintenance books, one a replacement to allow for the over spill of additional stamps!!

Summary of service history:

25/04/1989 – 2003 miles  –  AFN Porsche Guildford

23/10/1989 – 6178 miles          “           “             “

18/09/1990 – 7401 miles          “           “             “

25/08/1991 – 16,361 miles       “           “             “

29/09/1992 – 25,300 miles       “           “            “

27/09/1993 – 34,073 miles       “           “            “

31/08/1994 – 40, 039 miles      “           “            “

13/09/1995 – 45,997 miles       “           “            “

04/10/1996 – 48,853 miles       “           “            “

10/10/1997 – 52,155 miles       “           “            “

09/10/1998 – 54,435 miles       “           “            “

12/11/1999 – 56,313 miles       “           “            “

07/08/2000 – 57,009 miles       “           “            “

22/11/2001 – 59,374 miles       “           “            “

28/11/2002 – 60,649 miles       “           “            “

18/02/2004 – 62,672 miles   – Porsche Guildford (Formerly AFN Guildford)

07/03/2005 – 63,982 miles       “           “            “

28/02/2006 – 65,493 miles       “           “            “

26/02/2007 – 66,815 miles       “           “            “

05/03/2009 – 70,710 miles  – Autofarm

30/03/2011 – 75,328 miles  – Porsche Colchester

05/09/2012 – 77,195 miles  – Porsche Guildford

07/05/2014 – 80,408 miles  – Porsche Guildford

07/05/2015 – 81,814 miles  – Unit Eleven Porsche Ltd

05/05/2016 – 82,694 miles  –     “            “             “

26/04/2018 – 84,277 miles  – Unit Eleven Porsche Ltd

09/05/2019 – 85,334 miles  –  Ian Gorrie Motor Engineers

27/05/2020 – 85,779 miles  –        “            “              “

In addition, it should be noted that on 20/04/2017 at 83,277 miles, a new complete stainless steel exhaust system, plus manifolds, heat exchangers, cross-over pipes, oil return pipes, pre and final silencer were fitted, at a cost of £2651.42p.

Previously, the clutch, clutch fork and shaft, plus starter motor were replaced at 65,953 miles.



There can be no mistaking the evocative sound of an air-cooled 911, (some people say, they even all smell the same!).

The 3.2 flat six, starts without hesitation, and although not uncommon on this, and many other earlier 911 models, there is no discernible evidence of any excessive smoke upon ignition, just that wonderful “rasp” as the engine settles to a smooth idle.

All five forward gears, are easily selected, courtesy of the Getrag G50 box, as is reverse in its familiar position, top left. The clutch remains perfectly manageable at all speeds. While some may find the steering, especially during tight manoeuvring, a little heavy, on the move there is plenty of feel being transmitted back to the driver, making any back road a true pleasure. Suspension is firm, yet still compliant enough not to be intrusive or to detract from the experience. Braking, via the all round disc brakes, retards progress with ease at any speed.

But, the real joy of owning such a special vehicle as an air-cooled 911, is the pure enjoyment derived from just simply getting in, closing the door with that purposeful clunk and listening to the sound coming from behind you. Every journey becomes a memorable special occasion, the ideal tonic during these current times, very highly recommended.

Best buy it before I decide to keep it!!




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