Baltic Blue Metallic, Linen sports seats with electrical height adjustment, Gemini immobiliser and alarm, amplifier, Bosch Rotterdam UBT80 12v with Bluetooth, Classic Car Stereo, Metropole Blue convertible roof, Retractable rear spoiler, Electric windows, Electric mirrors.


Finished in the beautiful shade of Baltic Blue Metallic, a colour not commonly seen on the market. Paintwork retains a deep shine, having been professionally machine polished and clay barred prior to advertising. The Metropole Blue convertible roof provides a welcome contrast against the lighter bodywork and presents free from rips or tears.

 There are a couple of small blemishes and stone chips to note which is to be expected from a car of this age and mileage, although it does not detract from the overall appearance of this charming 964 and could be easily rectified should the new owner wish to do so.


Complimenting the exterior with a light and airy look, the Linen over blue leather interior presents very well. Supplied with the bolstered sports seats with contrasting blue piping, they remain free from any major rips or tears with the leather remaining soft and supple.

 Upon test, all electricals inside the car operate as intended including the roof switch, door mirrors and windows. Climate control also functions as it should. Carpets are protected with black Porsche over-mats.


The 7 spoke, factory D90 alloys have been subject to recent refurbishment and present in very good condition.

 Brand new Michelin Pilot Sport Exalto’s have been fitted to the rears. Front tyres show a good amount of tread.


Delivered on 20th January 1990 by Official Porsche Centre Swinford Motors, this 964 has stacks of previous invoices and paperwork accompanying the history file. Previous purchase invoices, along with old tax discs and MOT’s substantiate the mileage and reading through the history file it is evident the car has been owned by enthusiasts.

The car has been members with Porsche Owners Club GB with previous owners, and has also been valued by John Glynn in 2015, to which he writes:

 “Featuring classic air-cooled sound and style with modern features including power steering and ABS, the 964 is a buyers’ favourite. Your cabriolet model is in very good condition throughout, with the all-important engine rebuild done by leading specialist, JZM Porsche. Given the current demand for 964 models, and the likely cost to replace this car like-for-like in total loss, I recommend an insurance valuation of £35,000.”

Showing a comprehensive service book, the car has been looked after by Porsche main dealers and specialists throughout its life. The car has had the engine rebuilt by industry leaders, JZM Porsche at 112,109 miles. Furthermore, a substantial investment of over £23,500 since 2018 alludes to careful and fastidious ownership.

 The service intervals are as follows:

 13/02/91 – 2,820 miles – Douglas Cameron Porsche

19/08/91 – 12,301 miles – Douglas Cameron Porsche

11/05/92 – 23,493 miles – AFN Official Porsche Centre Guildford

29/01/93 – 33,836 miles – Add Speed Engineering, Porsche Specialists

03/05/95 – 60,148 miles – AFN Official Porsche Centre

21/12/95 – 65,107 miles – AFN Official Porsche Centre

19/09/96 – 72,974 miles – AFN Official Porsche Centre

04/08/97 – 76,870 miles – Porschecraft

22/09/98 – 80,241 miles – Porschecraft

22/09/99 – 84,442 miles – Porschecraft

24/08/00 – 88,620 miles – Porschecraft

15/01/01 – 94,459 miles – GT One Ltd Porsche Specialist

30/04/02 – 99,998 miles – Porschecraft

21/03/03 – 104,898 miles – JZ Machtech (JZM) Porsche Specialist

06/10/03 – 112,109 miles – JZ Machtech (JZM) Porsche Specialist – FULL ENGINE REBUILD

30/04/05 – 118,108 miles – The Porscheshop

20/06/06 – 119,889 miles – The Porscheshop

17/06/07 – 120,141 miles – The Porscheshop

14/06/08 – 122,567 miles – Finlay Gorham

16/06/09 – 123,873 miles – Page Motors

17/06/11 – 125,071 miles – Page Motors

06/06/12 – 125,435 miles – Page Motors

27/06/13 – 125,767 miles – Page Motors

16/06/14 – 126,294 miles – Page Motors

17/06/15 – 126,642 miles – Page Motors

08/06/16 – 127,049 miles – Page Motors

05/07/17 – 127,661 miles – Porschecraft

03/08/18 – 128,606 miles – Francis Tuthill Ltd

20/07/19 – 130,445 miles – Export 56 Classic Porsche Specialist

24/05/21 – 132,156 miles – Export 56 Classic Porsche Specialist


Most recent works include:

EXPORT 56 LIMITED – 24th May 2021 – TOTAL SPEND £4,838.98

·     Minor Service including oil and filter change.

·     Supply and fit new battery.

·     Replace and fit new CV boots.

·     Rebuilt CV joint.

·     Removed cracked pipe from air tank and replaced with new pipe and jubilee clips.

·     Removed exhaust back box and engine heat shields. Removed lower rocker covers and refitted with new gaskets and nuts.

·     Remove left rear brake flexi hose and brake pipes, supplied with new copper brake pipes and flexi hose.

·     Remove right rear brake flexi hose and brake pipes, supplied with new copper brake pipes and flexi hose.

·     Remove front brake flexi hoses and pipes, supplied with new copper brake pipes and flexi hoses.

·     Fitted brake fluid reservoir and bleed braking system.

·     Refit undertrays and wheels torqued to spec

·     Extract fluid from power steering reservoir, removed leaking power steering pipe and fitted new pipe with new jubilee clips.

 EXPORT 56 LIMITED – 20th July 2019 – TOTAL SPEND £3,032.18

·     Major Service including oil, filter and spark plug change.

·     Removed bottom cam covers and replaced gaskets.

·     Removed engine parts to access timing chain covers.

·     Removed exhaust and rear engine tinware and replace chain cover gaskets.

·     Removed top cam covers and replaced gaskets.

·     Refit upper and lower cam covers and engine tinware.

·     Ignition kit; 2 x Distributer Caps and Rotor Arms

·     Rear trailing arm bush kit

EXPORT 56 LIMITED – 20th August 2018 – TOTAL SPEND £2,020.49

·     Rectify inoperative heater fan

·     Supply and fit Heater & Air Conditioning Blower Motor Fans both sides

·     Wheel refurbishment

FRANCIS TUTHILL LTD – 3rd August 2018 – TOTAL SPEND £11,526.39

 Commissioned to carry out post purchase inspection and report, with extensive work carried out. Engine and gearbox were removed and refitted during this inspection. Some of the work carried out includes:

·     Clean up oil tank unions and check for corrosion

·     Clean off engine and check for leaks

·     Remove exhaust system, manifolds and rear silencer

·     Remove engine and gearbox assembly

·     Split gearbox from engine, clean off and inspect

·     Split clutch assembly and inspect, new clutch fitted

·     All engine tin work removed and sent away for powder coating

·     Remove rocker covers, clean off and replace seals. Refit rocker spray bar housings with new seals

·     Check and adjust valve clearance

·     Remove oil feed carriers

·     Remove and replace spark plugs

·     New oil seal and O-Ring

·     New drive belt

·     Replace engine breather hose

·     New fan and alternator belts

·     Fit new left-hand exhaust manifold with new gaskets, seals, and fixings

·     Clean up right-hand manifold flange faces etc, and re-fit with new gaskets and fixings

·     Clean off rear exhaust box and refit new de-cat pipe, gaskets and fixings

·     Heat exchanger stainless steel LH

·     Strip out rear bumper inner carrier and heat shields, remove corroded bolts and replace.

·     Media blast mounting brackets for heat shield and fabricate new bracket as necessary

·     Heat up and remove rear bumper support brackets and fit new

·     Fit heat shields into rear bumper

·     Clean up gearbox bell housing assembly and flywheel

·     Remove and replace engine bay sound deadening pad

·     Fit drive shafts, pipe work, wiring etc

·     Fit new inner CV boot clip

·     Replace P-clip on starter cable

·     Remove both front struts and strip

·     Remove and replace bump stops and dust shields, rebuild and refit

 The car is HPI clear with certificate available on request. Handbooks and service books are present, along with two keys.

It is recommended that all parties check and cross reference all dates/miles and details, to satisfy their own interests.            


Powered by the iconic 3.6-litre air-cooled flat-six, delivering around 247bhp and 228lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission, the 964 was revolutionary when launched in 1989. The 911 underwent a dramatic design overhaul as it morphed into its new generation. The 964 was boldly claimed to be 85% new, compared with the then-25-year-old original 911, gaining integrated bumpers in place of the old extended items, an electric rear spoiler and a plusher interior. More significantly, the 964 did away with the 911’s antiquated torsion beam suspension in favour of a coil-sprung set-up and gained power steering and anti-lock brakes as standard.

This example drives incredibly well upon test, with agile steering, tight gear changes and responsive braking.

Having such major investment mechanically, this 964 presents itself as a perfect candidate for the next owner to drive and enjoy, with the option of improving the cosmetic blemishes should you wish to do so.